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15% Discount off prices below for ongoing maintenance customers.  

System Service and Checkup – Inspect zones of system, adjust and tweak head settings, controller visual inspection, and recommendations of improvements to system - starting at $89.

Head replace or upgrade range from low $20's to the high $30 dollar range, depending on type of head and what is needed to change it out.

Non-working stations related to control valve malfunctions can go from the $100 dollar range to $140 dollars and up. The price will depend on what work must be done to repair or change the valve.

Adding heads for more coverage generally starts at the $50 dollar price point.

Testing of Backflows starts at $85 and depends on location and type of valve.

Main controllers run from the $300 price point and beyond. The price will depend on how many zones your system has. We carry professional grade controllers on our trucks but can install a lower grade controller for you. Call for an estimate on installation of your controller.

We fix all sizes and types of pvc lines. The can vary greatly but %" starts at about $40 and 1" lines can go to $60 plus. Lines can be much higher and prices can go up for larger / complicated repairs.

We price wiring and electrical troubleshooting by the hour, or job after looking over and assessing the problem. These can depend greatly on system condition and other factors.

Backflow preventors begin at the $130's for plastic valves, brass valves start at the high $200's and go up from there depending on type of valve.

We give efficiency upgrades by quote and always remember we give HUGE discounts in the off season. Our off- season discounts can be 15% or higher depending on workload. Ask us about scheduling your project in the winter to take advantage of these discounts.

We are honest and upfront about our prices. Nobody likes sticker shock and we don't treat our customers with these types of surprises. Our warranty will be written and we will be available to honor it when needed. Call us today at 512-943-6081.

Here at Sprinkler Repair Georgetown, the job prices are determined by on onsite inspection. We will give our actual prices for work needed after the complete inspection. The price ranges above is not a estimate or proposal. This is not our official pricing guide or schedule. We have given these to give an example of some common jobs so that customers can have a feel for what costs to expect.

Prices at Sprinkler Repair American Irrigation repair offers Great service and reasonable pricing 512-943-6081.

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