American Irrigation Repair

Sprinkler Repair & Services in Georgetown, TX

Some of the services we offer at American Irrigation Repair are...

  • Sprinkler head repairs
  • Sprinkler head adjustments
  • Dry spot and coverage issue repairs
  • System complete checks
  • Sprinkler valve work
  • Valve troubleshooting
  • Wiring repairs and troubleshooting
  • Repairs to drip systems
  • Repairs to - RainBird systems, Irritrol systems, Toro systems, Hunter systems, Hardie systems, Richdel
    systems, Weathermatic systems, Buckner systems, Orbit systems, Nelson systems and all other brands.
  • Sprinkler mapping
  • Install extra sprinklers
  • Pump issues
  • Weather sensor installation and repair
  • Pipe fitting repairs
  • System re-routing due to construction activity
  • Leak locating
  • High water use troubleshooting
  • In ground sprinkler system work
  • Above ground overhead irrigation work
  • Sprinkler valve locating
  • Raise sprinkler heads
  • Lower sprinkler heads
  • Controller settings
  • Recommending irrigation schedules
  • Recommendations for improved performance
  • Efficiency upgrades

And many others. If it has to do with Landscape Irrigation, Sprinkler Repair Georgetown can do it!

Expert Sprinkler Repair by a Georgetown family owned Company

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